The procedure of how to obtain the mass with a double beam balance:
1. Make sure there is no weight or object placed on the balance and put the weights on beams
scale to zero. Check whether or not the needle points zero on the balance.
2. Put an object you measure on the left side pan and adjust the beam-weight strips to the right
side until the needle indicates zero. (Be patient since it would take a while.) The lower beam
can add up to 200 g with 10-g increment. The upper can add up to 10 g with 1-g increment.
3. Read the grams indicated on the scale and calculate the total. This is the mass of the object in
4. If the mass of an object is heavier than 210 g, you need to put extra masses on the right side
pan. The total mass is the summation of all the weights you add.
100 g
them up