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What we really have to think before which subject is more important than others


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are important to study for supporting the current workforce.

In a way, it is inevitable to enhance the STEM program and cut some of budget for non-STEM subjects.

However, we now really have to think of the meaning of studying and understanding. Universities and the professors are supposed to help students “understand” the subject. This job is not just granting students grades and degrees.

No matter what policy makers say about the distribution of budget, the essence of learning and understanding is common among any subject such as physics, biology, French literature, psychology, music, etc.

Any of the subjects should contain the methods like observation, analysis, quantification, comparison, logic, theorization, classification, application, etc.

Universities and professors have to consider this qualification before judging which subject is more important to invest.

We think of "School Accountability Without Standardized Testing."


In the first place, the author states that “High stakes testing is seen as the only tool that can ensure schools operate correctly when in reality it is the very thing that blocks true responsibility.”

How the author feels about the school policy in the blog is not uncommon among most of the educators.

I taught at a few universities, and all of them have ridiculous rules and policies, which no one was able to explain the reason why the college has them.

This article is awesome and suggests us right methods to evaluate education and students’ understanding. I also believe that emphasizing only standardized tests is completely incorrect.

In addition to the above, I want to insist that those policy makers and university administrative must be educated first to assess education systems correctly.