Dr. David Simpson's Personal Website
The professor of physical science at Prince George's Community College

The manufacturing and designing company that also uses physics and mathematics

Ms. Garcia's Physics Website
Very fun and interesting physics website
A very useful site for web resources.

VDM Publishing Group
This company publishes academic manuscripts.

All Free Backgrounds
This provides background designs for webpages.

I am using their software to edit html files. (Japanese only)

Kodawari House
This web contains educational pages for math. If you want to remember the basic math, go to "Children's Room." If you think that you are more advanced, go to "The Study" page.

Teach the Children Well
This website is a collection of links to sites carefully selected by a teacher for students as well as their parents and teachers.

Chemical Garden
There are various pictures related to chemistry. (Japapnese only)

Simple Life
This web provides pictures for web pages. (Japapnese only)

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