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1. You will be able to manipulate algebra to solve physics problems.
2. You will be able to get started solving the problem.
3. You will be able to handle both concepts and math for physics.
4. You will be able to pass the physics class with an A or a B.
5. You will be able to succeed in your future career.

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"Once you stop learning, you start dying."

By Albert Einstein

What our students are saying

Here are the past students' feedback on our teaching methods and fascilitation of class curriculum.

Physics Tutor


He organized numerous study sessions for each exam and would stay as late as needed.

Physics Tutor


Excellent teacher! He is one of my best professor. He cares about his students and always ready to help.

Physics Tutor


Great teacher. He explains things very throughly.

Physics Tutor

Very Helpful

I loved Hiro's class he's very good at explaining physics and was more than helpful to the students.

Our education policy

Without understanding, students cannot make anything. Of course, they make their own lives by themselves with understanding!

There are quite a few problems in this world... Howevre, most of educational organizations do not cultivate students' minds to solve those issues. We are passionated to encourage them to learn things from out there and keep giving possible solutions through their life time.

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Our Featured Works

Physics Tutor

Research for Physics Education

We have contributed to the education and research with many of aspects.

Physics Education Project Summer 2011

This project was conducted to create original lab textbooks especially for the algebra-based physics courses. We fixed all the pitfalls that the students tend to be confused. This report provides all the processes of how we handled the project.

Quality of Education and Effective Teachers

This is our policy to teach students in class environment. The report is referred to mostly Universal Teaching Strategies by H. Jerome Freiberg and Amy Driscoll

Original Lab Curricula

These lab manuals are totally different from any other manuals provided at the other US universities. Each lab is fully explained in terms of the detailed procedure and concepts that students should learn during the class. You can obtain effective study for each physics topic.

Intro. Algebra-based PHY I Lab Textbook

This is the outcome from the year 2011 project. The content is based on kinematics, mechnics, etc.

Intro. Algebra-based PHY II Lab Textbook

Intro. Algebra-based PHY I Lab Textbook

This is the outcome from the above year 2011 project. The content is based on waves, electronics, light, etc.

Subject-based lists of labs

All the educational lab manuals are here in this page!