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If you're ever wondered: "Where can I find effective physics advice that gets results?" Here is the right place.

Hirophysics is where introductory science and engineering students turn for proven physics advice.

Our effective physics instruction is why quite a few college students subscribe to our materials. And our results-oriente approach to physics courses is likely why Inc recently said: Hiro is a smart guy who knows what he's talking about because he lives it every day.

Here are the benefits:
1. You will be able to manipulate algebra to solve physics problems.
2. You will be able to get started solving the problem.
3. You will be able to handle both concepts and math for physics.
4. You will be able to pass the physics class with an A or a B.
5. You will be able to succeed in your future career.

All services or training requests explained details below, and all items will be processed by our team of agents. We will answer your questions at any time of the day. Your issue will be transferred into a case and will be handled with highest priority. We provide the solution step by step.

Tons of Physics Resources

The useful materials are all in here.

Tutoring and Lecturing Services

Everything is easy and understandable.

Education Consulting

In order to improve physical science classes in your school, please consult us!

Research Consulting

Need physics insights for biology research?

"Once you stop learning, you start dying."

By Albert Einstein

How Hirophysics Helps You Get Better Grades & More Scores in a Test

The students' feedback proves the effectiveness our teaching methods and curricula.

Physics Tutor


He organized numerous study sessions for each exam and would stay as late as needed.

Physics Tutor


Excellent teacher! He is one of my best professor. He cares about his students and always ready to help.

Physics Tutor


Great teacher. He explains things very throughly.

Physics Tutor

Very Helpful

I loved Hiro's class he's very good at explaining physics and was more than helpful to the students.

Why most teachers don't teach well

Most physics teachers say: "To succeed with physics classes, all you need to do is do tons of problems."

If only it were that easy...

I learned the hard way that there's a lot more to teaching physics for beginners than just letting them do lots of problems

And that's why Hirophysics comes in!

The site and blog are where ew show you the exact tips, strategies and techniques you need to get better grades. No faux or high-level advice. It may be incredibly actionable advice that works.

If you're interested in, sign up for the updates to learn the proven physics-class strategies that we're talking about.

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Our Featured Works

Physics Tutor

Research Results for Physics Education

We made a huge contribution to the education and research with many of aspects.

Get the FREE hints of how to fix your classroom in 14 days

This project created original lab textbooks for the students who hate physics! All of the bad parts are fixed so you can get it well. This will give you a better idea of how you improve your class room.

More than 12 tips to be an effective teacher

Have you wondered why you have a hard time teaching class? There are tons of tips to improve your teaching and students' understanding.

Original Lab Books!

These are insanely different from any other manuals provided at most of the US universities. Check out each lab that are fully explained in the detailed procedure and concepts! Students must learn the hard physics concepts! You'll see the difference.

Intro. Algebra-based PHY I Lab Textbook

This is the outcome from the year 2011 project. This contains kinematics, mechnics, etc.

Intro. Algebra-based PHY II Lab Textbook

Intro. Algebra-based PHY I Lab Textbook

This is also from the above project. This contains waves, electronics, light, etc.

Amazing lists of labs

All the educational lab manuals are here in this page!