Conceptual Physics

This classroom teaches conceptual aspects of vectors, kinematics, Newton's laws, wave phenomena, electromagnetism, optics, and topics for modern physics.


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Lab 1: Kinematics and Vectors

Lab 2: Gravitational Acceleration

Lab 3: Newton's Equation of Motion

Lab 4: Momentum and Impulse

Lab 5: Conservation of Energy

Lab 6: Periodic Motions

Lab 7: Rotational Motions

Lab 8: Waves and the Terms

Lab 9: Electronics

Lab 10: Ohm's Law and Circuits

Lab 11: The Magnetic Field and its Properties

Lab 12: Lenses and Mirrors

Lab 13: Diffraction Phenomena

Make-up Lab I: Histroical Science Experiments

Make-up Lab II: Advanced Lab for Gravitational Acceleration