The 1st Course of Algebra-Based Introductory Physics

The University of The Bahamas Version This requires mathematics to learn kinematics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, and thermal physics. The class is for biology, geology, chemistry, and pre-med students.

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Physics 111 Lecture Syllabus

Physics 111 Lab Syllabus

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  • Lecture Assignment Solutions and Handouts at USM

Chapter 1: (Introduction)

Chapter 2: (Motion in One Dimension)     (Hints)

Chapter 3: (Vectors and Two-Dimensional Motion)    (Hints)

Chapter 4: (The Laws of Motion)

Answer Keys for the First Midterm: Here

Chapter 5: (Energy)

Chapter 6: (Momentum and Collisions)

Chapter 7: (Rotational Motion and the Law of Gravity)

Answer Keys for the Second Midterm: Here

Chapter 8: (Rotational Equilibrium and Rotational Dynamics)

Chapter 9: (Solids and Fluids)

Chapter 10: (Thermal Physics)

Answer Keys for the Third Midterm: Here

Chapter 11: (Energy in Thermal Processes)

The Interactive Exam (The Third Midterm)

The First Midterm Formula Sheet Practice Problems (Midterm 1)
The Second Midterm Formula Sheet Practice Problems (Midterm 2)
The Third Midterm Formula Sheet Practice Problems (Midterm 3)
The Additional Formula Sheet for Final Practice Problems (Final)

  • Lab Activities at USM

The Week 6  Work and Energy

The Week 8  Conservation of Linear Momentum

The Week 11  Equilibrium of Torques

The Week 15  Specific Heats and Latent Heat

Make-up Lab  The Gravitational Acceleration

USM Physics 111 Exam Review Notes (Fall 2007)

The lab curriculum at the University of Idaho

    Lab Data Sheets: The 1st Course of Algebra-Based Introductory Physics

Fundamental Knowledge for Physics Lab Print this out and bring it to labs.

Lab 1: Experimental Uncertainty

Lab 2: Force Table

Lab 3: Acceleration of a Freely Falling Body

Lab 4: Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Lab 5: Coefficients of Friction

Lab 6: Linear Momentum

Lab 7: Simple Pendulum

Lab 8: Spring Motion

Lab 9: Work and Energy

Lab 10: Equilibrium of Torques

Lab 11: Centripetal Force

Lab 12: Rotational Kinetic Energy

Lab 13: Rotational Inertia

Make-up Lab I: Advanced Lab for the Simple Pendulum

Make-up Lab II: Advanced Lab for the Conservation of Linear Momentum