The 2nd course of Algebra-Based Introductory Physics

The University of The Bahamas Version This is the second course of algebra-based physics that teaches waves, sounds, electromagnetism, optics, and Modern physics. The contents are very important for MCAT.

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Lecture Syllabus at USM

Lab Syllabus

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Instruction for the Mastering Physics

  • PHY112 Lecture Assignment Solutions at USM

Assessment Test Solutions

Chapter 13 (Vibrations and Waves): Solutions

Chapter 14 (Sound): Solutions     (Hints)

Chapter 15 (Electric Forces and Electric Fields): Solutions    (Hints)

Chapter 16 (Electrical Energy and Capacitance): Solutions

Chapter 17 (Current and Resistane): Solutions

Chapter 18: Solutions

Chapter 19: Solutions

Chapter 20: Solutions

Answer Keys for the Second Midterm: Here

Chapter 21: Solutions

Chapter 22: Solutions

Chapter 23: Solutions

Answer Keys for the Third Midterm: Here

Chapter 24: Solutions

Chapter 25: Solutions

The 1st MidtermThe 2nd MidtermThe 3rd MidtermThe Final
The 1st Midterm Formula Sheet The 2nd Midterm Formula Sheet The 3rd Midterm Formula Sheet The Additional Formula Sheet for Final
Practice Problems (Midterm 1) Practice Problems (Midterm 2) Practice Problems (Midterm 3) Practice Problems (Final)
Homework Exam 1 Homework Exam 2 Homework Exam 3 All the Formulas

  • Lab Activities at USM

Week 1  Periodic Motions

The following has been used at the University of Idaho.
  • The Lecture Assignment Solutions

If you want to download all the homework problems at once,
click this "All Problems." Be careful! It has 4.9 megabites (69 pages).
To check your answers, print this out. (but odd numbers only) © WILEY

Chapter 16: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 17: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 18: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 19: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 20-1: Homework Problems & Solutions [Hints for the problems]

Chapter 20-2: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 21: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 22: Homework Problems & Solutions [Hints for the problems]

Chapter 24: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 26: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 25: Homework Problems & Solutions

Chapter 27: Homework Problems & Solutions

The practice problems are supposed to be easier than examinations. However,
those are useful to remember how to calculate problems with basic formulas,
and also contain similar ones to the exam.

The First Midterm Formula Sheet at Univ. of Idaho Practice Problems (Midterm 1) Summary of chapters 16 & 17
The Second Midterm Formula Sheet at Univ. of Idaho Practice Problems (Midterm 2)
The Third Midterm Formula Sheet at Univ. of Idaho Practice Problems (Midterm 3)
The Final Formula Sheet at Univ. of Idaho Practice Problems (Final)

  • Physics 112 at Univ. of Idaho Laboratory Datasheets

Fundamental Knowledge for Physics Lab Print this out and bring it to labs.

Lab 1: Standing Waves on a String

Lab 2: Standing Waves in an Air Column

Lab 3: Electronics Test Equipment

Lab 4: Electric Fields and Potential

Lab 5: Resistance and Ohm's Law

Lab 6: Diode and RC Circuits

Lab 7: Magnetic Fields I

Lab 8: Magnetic Fields II

Lab 9: Geometrical Optics

Lab 10: Thin Lenses

Lab 11: Optical Principle of Eye

Lab 12: Interference and Diffraction

Lab 13: Spectroscopy

Make-up Lab I: Laser Applications