The 2nd Course of Calculus-Based Introductory Physics

This is the second course of calculus-based physics that teaches electrostatics, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, and DC & AC circuits. Engineering and physics students take this class.

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  • (Physics 212 Lab Schedule)

Fundamental Knowledge for Physics Lab Print this out and bring it to labs.

Lab 1: Coulomb's Law

Lab 2: Electronics Test Equipment

Lab 3: Electric Fields and Potentials

Lab 4: Resistance and Ohm's Law

Lab 5: Wheatstone Bridge

Lab 6: Diode and RC Circuits

Lab 7: Transistor and the Implementation of Logic Gates

Lab 8: Digital Electronics

Lab 9: Charge of an Electron

Lab 10: Magnetic Fields I

Lab 11: Magnetic Fields II

Lab 12: Electromagnetic Induction

Lab 13: AC Circuits

Make-up Lab I: DC Transients