Algebra-Based Introductory Physics II:

These lab manuals are totally different from any other manuals provided at the other US universities. Each lab is fully explained in terms of the detailed procedure and concepts that students should learn during the class. You can get effective study for each physics topic.

PHY112 Lab Activities

Setup for each PHY112 Lab
This is just for your information. No need to print out.

Laboratory Schedules
Check the next week activity. The order of labs is subject to change due to the lecture schedule.

Please discuss questions on the manual after completing each section of the lab activity with your partners and TA. Similar questions will be asked in quizzes and the final examination. (Don't just take the data and leave the lab!)

Try to encourage your group partners to cooperate for experiments, recording the data, and calculating the results.
Creating this laboratory manual, maintaining the equipment, running each lab well and discussing important issues to solve them could not be accomplished without the following member: Rajendra Timilsina, Bharath Kandula, Pramila Shakya, Venkata Subramanyam Chapati, Mahesh Ghimire, Rekam Giri, Ek Raj Adhikari, Khagendra Adhikari, Matthew Dixon, Amanda Palchak, and Melanie Brady. Not only the current member, but I really want to appreciate the previous people who have contributed to the fundamental organization and great ideas of the lab. Also, I'm not forgetting about students' feedback!!! That's the most important opinion!