The 3rd Course of Calculus-Based Introductory Physics

This is the third course of calculus-based physics that teaches waves mechanics, thermodynamics, and optical phenomena for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and physics students.


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Fundamental Knowledge for Physics Lab Print this out and bring it to labs.

Lab 1: Computer Spread Sheet

Lab 2: Modeling of Wave Phenomena

Lab 3: Standing Waves on a String

Lab 4: Analysis of Wave Phenomena and Air tube

Lab 5: Introduction to the Laws of Thermodynamics

Lab 6: Heat Transfer

Lab 7: Specific Heat

Lab 8: Latent Heat

Lab 9: Geometrical Optics

Lab 10: Thin Lenses

Lab 11: Optical Principle of Eye

Lab 12: Interference and Diffraction

Lab 13: Diffraction Spectroscopy

Make-up Lab I: Laser Applications