Technical Expertise

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C, HTML, Visual Basic, Fortran, JavaScript, Perl, Microsoft Visio, Macromedia Flash, Intermediate Level Visual of C++ and JAVA, PHP, and MySQL

Research and Career Highlights

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southern Mississippi
Postdoctoral Faculty/Introductory Physics Lab Education Director/ Graduate Coordinator/Researcher      2007 -

Responsible for development of physics education. Manage graduate and undergraduate students for their teaching and research. Research and publish with mathematical and material physics.

  • Research and develop the areas of material and mathematical physics with a high rate of productivity.
  • Teach introductory physics (to non- physics majors) for seventy to one hundred students with an excellent evaluation.
  • Establish the physics lab system from nearly nothing at the University of Southern Mississippi.
  • Implement an original lecture and lab curricula for Electronics class for junior level physics students.
  • Department of Physics, University of Idaho
    Instructor of Physics      2000 - 2005

    Manage development of interactive and computer-based materials for science education. Develop and maintain the quality of the instruction and the materials.

  • Researched and implemented methodologies for scientific educational materials, which also introduced a cohesive Web site (hirophysics.com).
  • Developed well-defined, student-centered and highly encouraging instruction, which is recognized for achievements by receiving the University's "Teacher of the Year" award in 2002.
  • Initiated and implemented Web-based system for teaching classes, which reduced paper and printing cost in the department, and increased learning motivation of students.
  • Implemented a method of effective management in a diverse and multicultural student population by considering their backgrounds and providing tutorial assistance.
  • Succeeded in improving students' problem solving skills, which resulted in their obtaining higher scores in the physics part of the OAT (Optometry Admission Test), which shows the aptitude to train people.

  • Department of Physics, University of Idaho
    Research Assistant for Dr. Ruprecht Machleidt      2001 - 2005

    Primarily responsible for effectively delivering a diverse range of research related objectives working as theoretical nuclear physics specialist.

  • Made a semi-large scale and highly complicated model by using Fortran, and other related software.
  • Analytical and logical skills helped to fix a significant error in a program, which other people did not notice.

  • Department of Physics, University of Idaho
    Research Assistant for Dr. Rex Gandy      2000 - 2001

    Successfully undertook a research assignment working at Dusty Plasma Laboratory. Duties focused on providing effective research and support interventions working in the low energy experimental plasma physics.

  • Published two papers for the project.

  • Department of Physics, Washington State University
    Research Assistant for Dr. Kelvin Lynn      1999

    Responsibilities focused on measuring copper resistance for industry, conducting other basic tests as well as achieving the accurate measurement of resistance with simple equipment and successful test of a cryopump.

  • Gained testing ability and analyzing data with calculation software, Excel and Origin.

  • Department of Physics, Okayama University of Science
    Research Assistant for Professor Kazuo Ishii      1996

    Activities largely focused on improving an algorithm for a chaotic dynamical system specializing in simulations for complex systems.

  • Accomplished the research by utilizing C language, Visual Basic and other software.
  • Took a leadership with the research, and published two papers.

  • Academic Publications

    (2009)     P. Biswas, H. Shimoyama, A. K. Bhattacharya, "Lyapunov exponent and natural invariant density determination of chaotic maps: An iterative maximum entropy ansatz" submitted to Journal of Physics A.
    (2008)     Hironori Shimoyama, "The Chiral Nucleon-Nucleon Potential at NNLO Order in r-Space: Introduction to the Chiral Effective Field Theory" published by VDM Verlag [to be found at Amazon.com]
    (2005)     H. Shimoyama and R. Machleidt, "Chiral Symmetry and the Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction: Developing a Chiral NN Potential in Configuration Space."
    (2002)     Willis, S. Gandy, R. Shimoyama, H., "Levitation of fluorescent polymer microsheres in a DC glow argon plasma", IEEE transactions on plasma science", 30 (1); 86-87 Part 1.
    (2001)     Gandy, R., Willis, S., Shimoyama, H., "Initial experiments in the Idaho dusty plasma device", Physics of Plasmas 8 (5); 1746; Part 1.
    (1997)     H. Shimoyama, N. Shirahama, and K. Ishii, "Symplectic Algorithms Applying to a Dissipative Chaos System II" Transaction at Okayama University of Science.
    (1996)     H. Shimoyama, N. Shirahama, and K. Ishii, "Symplectic Algorithms Applying to a Dissipative Chaos System I" Transaction at Okayama University of Science.

    Conference Abstract

    (2009)     Hiro Shimoyama, "Moment based approach to electronic structure calculations: Applications to ordered and disordered systems" American Physical Society.
    (2008)     Hiro Shimoyama, "Electronic structure from Maximum Entropy optimization: Applications to band energy and electronic force computation" American Physical Society.
    (2004)     H. Shimoyama, "Configuration-Space Representation of a Chiral Nucleon-Nucleon Potential" American Physical Society.

    Volunteer and Community Involvement

  • Mentor - assisted undergraduate students of physics
  • Co-planner - created a Japanese history article for the Japanese Association
  • Translator - provided translation assistance for an archeological project

  • References

  • Rex Gandy   (Provost at Texas A&M University-Kingsville)
  • Phil Deutchman   (Professor of Emeritus, Physics)
  • Joon Lee   (Professor of Emeritus, Physics)

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