Research Plans

  1. My Previous Research Works
  2. Future Research Goals
  3. My Idea of How to Involve Students into Research
  4. I would like to focus on following things:
    (1) Selection of students: I will find the students who are curious, inquisitive, diligent, etc. and who will keep the attractiveness of my research activities.

    (2) Group structure: I want to assemble one group of students with a range of experience, and another group of students who will continue in the group for several years. I also have to care about students' understanding of research, leadership development, research productivity, and mentoring time.

    (3) Individual mentoring: I want to motivate students who show little independent initiative, encourage students who are frustrated by a project that fails, advise students of unrealistic expectations of research, and train students to maintain careful analyses and records.

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