Do you have any issue to be resolved with physics?

Problem: "I would like to create curricula of introductory physics laboratories. But I don't know how to get started..."
Answer: I created original labs taught in a couple of universities. They can even be used in high school. If you could tell me the level of teaching and equipment you have, I can arrange the lab manual for the students.

Problem: "I have a methematical skills and background, but I need to apply it to physics with a computational method... What should I do?"
Answer: I have a strong background in physics and computational simulations. The research topics are various with other people; for example, please visit this page. Feel free to contact me and we can talk about what to do for the research.

Problem:"I want someone to evaluate my school as for the quality of education, but I don't know whom I should ask..."
Answer: We have been studying effective education and its facilitation. Let us know if you want to ask for the evaluation.

Problem:"I am a principal of a high school. I need a trained physics teacher. What should I do?"
Answer: We have a training program. You can let him/her take our program.

Problem:"I have questions on physics..."
Answer: We are the professionals. Feel free to ask anything about physics!

If so, please contact me. I have the solutions and lots more ideas to contribute to your department or organization.

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