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What we need is commitment!!


 In order to maintain quality of education, public or private schools, and breaking or reconstructing the systems do NOT matter. These are all ostensible acts, and will not change anything.

We really need to consider educators’ and citizen’s commitment toward good futures of children and young people.

This will lead to some of hints to come up with a great solution for education.

Can technology be replaced with teachers in classroom?


After years of experiences in education, I personally believe that only human can really educate students. In the other words, only human can control and facilitate entire educational settings.

I understand that the technology can be helpful to teach classes, but if it is based on teachers’ easy teaching, the quality of education will be deteriorated. 

Teachers must envision their own teaching and students’ learning; then, they should be able to select what type of technology they should use for classes. 

It is important to have intrinsic motivation for students’ effective learning. Technology-centered education cannot motivate students to understand subjects.

Education, education, and education...


Renovating education is not so simple that people think of. Even though a school raises students’ scores, we don’t know how much these students understand. 

Before spending a lot of money toward education, we should discuss the meaning of education. There are various aspects to evaluate educational organizations. For example, people say, “We must have students-centered education.” However, such simplistic utterance might lead to a wrong way to spoil students. 

We need a superman, but how do we identify him/her? If we don’t know all the fact on education, we will still have to waste our money and time.

What is the index to identify an effective teacher?


I wrote this article about 5 years ago.  Most people rely on other's evaluation of teachers.  This leads to ignorance of finding out good teachers for their children.  People tend to choose a person(teacher) who looks good in the first impression and great speech.  However, teaching is the management of various people (students and related staff) through a semester or a longer term.  We need to see various aspects to identify a good teacher. 

Teaching as profession


The former IBM CEO, Louis Gerstner Jr. has been trying to improve teachers and school to restore US work environment in a long term.  The quality of education can facilitate people acquire skills.  The important issue is how we can change the current situation.  It seems that there is no established evaluation scheme to observe the teachers.  Furthermore, the educational management is a key to encourage teachers and students to perform well.  People need to change the perspectives.