Project Members and Abstract
Problem Statements
Changes and Improvements
Method for Evaluation of the Project
Results and Feedback
Theoretical Perspectives and Discussions
Concluding Remarks

Project Members

Project Leader and Planner:

Hiro Shimoyama (Ph.D.)

Graduate Teaching Assistants for Summer Project:

Rajendra Timilsina
Bharath Kandula
Pramila Shakya
Venkata Chapati
Mahesh Ghimire
Rekam Giri

Graduate Teaching Assistants from Fall 2011:

Khagendra Adhikari
Amanda Palchak
Ek Raj Adhikari


Algebra-based introductory physics for life science majors has a different taste from other introductory classes; namely, most of the students have little idea of why they are taking physics as a requirement class. Therefore, it is challenging to teach them for the instructors. The laboratory part of the class has the same issue. The purposes of this project have twofold: to solve educational and facilitative issues mainly based on laboratory curriculum; and to improve students' understanding toward physics and other sciences for their life-long learning experiences.

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