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Size ratio

If you want to use the actual scale ratio for an x- and y-coordinate, use "set size ratio." Suppose the x range is from -5 to 5 that is a length of 10; the y range is from -1 to 1 that is a length of 2. The ratio between them should be y/x = 2/10 = 0.2. Therefore, you enter
gnuplot> set size ratio 0.2
gnuplot> plot [-5:5][-1:1] sin(x)*cos(x**2)
gnuplot hirophysics
If you want to have the same length for x and y regardless of their scales, use either
gnuplot> set size square
gnuplot> set size ratio 1
Then, you have
gnuplot hirophysics
If you want to use the actual scaling for an x-, y-, and z-axes for 3D plot, use "set view equal xyz."
gnuplot> set view equal xyz
gnuplot> splot [-2:2] [-2:2] exp(-0.5*(x**2+y**2))*(x**2+y**2)
gnuplot hirophysicsgnuplot hirophysics

Tics level

The default 3D-plot often raises the bottom of the graph to be seen better. If you don't need such arrangement, use "set ticslevel 0."
gnuplot> set ticslevel 0
gnuplot> splot [-2*pi:2*pi] [-2*pi:2*pi] sin(x*y)/(x*y)
gnuplot hirophysicsgnuplot hirophysics

Log scale

In order to set logscales for all the axes, enter following:
gnuplot> set logscale
If you specify an axis to make logscale, put the name of axis after "set logscale" as follows:
gnuplot> set logscale y
If you need to undo the scales, simply use "unset logscale."
gnuplot> unset logscale
Let's plot exp(x) with the normal scale; and then, set log scale for y axis and replot it.
gnuplot> set logscale y
gnuplot> plot [:2] exp(x)
gnuplot hirophysicsgnuplot hirophysics
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